4 Ideas To Attract Clients to Your Law Firm

Practicing law is one of the most difficult career paths to follow. Getting through law school is like a gauntlet, and the job-hunting process is as nerve-racking as it gets. Opening your own law firm is even more difficult. The competition is stiffer than refrigerated peanut butter, and the overhead costs aren’t pretty either.

Attracting new clients is something toward which law firms dedicate a lot of time and other resources. Practices across the United States are all vying for pole position and grow their influence and brand awareness. As a small business owner, you may not have as large a budget to throw into advertising, but there are plenty of ways to reach potential customers with your firm’s message. Continue reading to learn some creative ways to attract new customers to your law practice.

1. Writing a blog is one of the best ways to expand your target audience.


Brand awareness and brand visibility are everything from a marketing standpoint. While the two things may sound the same, there are some differences between them.

Brand awareness is best explained as the popularity of your brand. In other words, when people in your area think of law firms, do they think of yours? If so, how many law firms do they think about before they think of yours? What do they think of or associate with your brand? The answers to those questions define your brand awareness. Your brand visibility is how likely a user is to come across your website if they’re searching for something related to the products or services you offer.

Renowned lawyer and mineral enthusiast Howard Fensterman is a great example of a lawyer using their blog as a way to expand their target audience and increase brand awareness and visibility. He’s turned his passion for crystals, gemstones, and minerals into a blog that’s also introduced him as a lawyer to a different niche than you’d expect from such a well-respected attorney.

You don’t have to be a professional blogger to create engaging content, nor do you have to write about your hobby as attorney Howard Fensterman does. However, you should begin creating blog posts or another type of content soon and often.

2. Use your past success as an advertisement to help gain new customers.


Your parents probably exhorted you not to be braggadocious when you were a child, but when you’re trying to attract potential customers, all bets are off. If you have a track record of winning judgments for your clients, you need to flaunt your record. Put it in bright lights like the Vegas strip!

The most effective way to attract new customers is to show them the success you’ve had with your prior clients. You don’t need a celebrity endorsement when you have a strong track record that can speak for you.

Labrador Source Water in Canada is the nation’s oldest and largest direct-delivery water company. Not to mention, they’re also the most trusted, and they won’t hesitate to let you know it either. Bruce Lee made the phrase “Be like water,” famous because it applies to almost anything. Let’s take it a step further and say “Be like Labrador Source Water.” In other words, be the best, and let the world know it.

3. Engage with potential customers on social media.


As you probably are aware, social media has gone from being simply a place to catch up with old friends and keep up with viral trends to being a powerful marketing tool. If you’re not active on social media, it’s a good idea to start building up a following.

The best thing about being a lawyer is that it gives you an avenue by which to become a social media influencer. If you’re looking for ideas for boosting your brand’s sales, engage with your followers on social media. Placing Facebook ads is one thing, but when you begin engaging directly with people who react and respond to your posts, your social media presence should take off.

4. Launch a podcast.


These days, everybody who has something to say is launching a podcast, and you should consider doing the same. Everyone’s curious about the law, but very few people are willing to actually study law. You could use your podcast as a way to spread basic knowledge about the law as well as build a new audience of potential customers.

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